About Us

We are pleased to inform you about the forthcoming “inspire competitive assessments for school ICAS”. These Olympiads have been created specially by indian and international acclaimed academicians who are subject matter experts. ICAS will be encouraging students to have a competitive edge and the sense of achieving excellence.

We are legally Registered organization ISO 9001:2015 running under the aegis of RIGHT DIRECTION EDUCATION& WELFARE SOCIETY. we have Experienced R&D Team for Setting of Question Papers.

ICAS was established by leading academicians, scientists and media personalities with the aim of promoting science, mathematics, computer education, English, General Knowledge and professional courses. ICAS has been striving for over two decades to promote scientific attitude and temperament through innovative activities and use of IT in learning process that involve school students across the country.
In the present times when the world is totally pivoted on science and IT, it is pertinent to think and plan about the future – a future in which the children of the present shall be the leaders of tomorrow. Regular qualitative and quantitative assessment needs to be done at the national/international  level in order to build up the scientific and IT talent pool. It is in this sphere that the role of ICAS has been much appreciated over these last many years.